audio: Daedelus | track: Snowed In (from the album "Of Snowdonia")
photo+video: Clay Lipsky
2014 | trt: 02:45

Outside In is a series of still images that when viewed in order come together to form an experimental cinematic narrative. The sequence tells a tale of a young woman trapped both mentally and physically, an involuntary inhabitant of a cold institution, who wants to flee her reality. Her salvation is an alternative consciousness where she explores a surreal, outside world but also examine a landscape of the past within herself. Ultimately, it is a metaphorical tale about the futility of escape from the binds of our own mind.

Outside In photobook available here (contains entire series)

All images were created with a vintage Polaroid camera using film from The Impossible Project.

Finalist: Palm Springs Photo Festival 2014 Slideshow Competition


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